Free Orbital Succession Planning Template


Orbital succession planning is a new way of presenting and thinking about succession. This template is free for you to use, adapt, hack, stick your logo on, or develop. Sharing the template in this way is an experiment to see how, giving ideas away free on social media can lead to us all benefitting by putting more imaginations and brains on the same idea.

I’d love to see your take on this concept so please do tweet me at @davidjacksonhr or email

The central idea is that as people move towards the role in question (represented by the central sphere) there are fewer of them. Thus, the rings get smaller, forcing discussions about who the ideal successor would be. When considering people ‘further out’ it is more difficult to identify successors so there is space for more of them.

It’s also important that, although people will have multiple development objectives, they have one clear priority which can be reassessed over time. It may be that as an individual moves closer to the centre they move into a new development quadrant.

I hope to develop many more templates and HR related ideas to give away free under an ‘open source’ licence model where anybody in the World is free to join in and play.

The original Power Point file can be downloaded here: orbital succession planning


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